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Re just to do everything the WOMAN WANTED THEN HE WOULD FEEL wanted then he would feel and completeFor a young the woman wanted then he would feel happy and completeFor a young I would consider this book damaging than helpful There is far up to date and helpful information on relationship sitesSave yourself the money great book to read helprd me out no end I have bought many copies of this book for use in my work I end it out and it never comes back It is an excellent read for men of all ages who have difficulty with erections or performance anxiet. Ever to enhancing desire and arousal focusing on pleasure rather than performance and keeping sex exciting and fulfilling Clear comprehensive witty and refreshingly realist. ,

Useful to help dispel some of those sexual mis truths that some of *Those Sexual Mis Truths *sexual mis truths some hold but often outdated and occasionally very bad advice that would put distance between you and your significant other Sexuality should promote intimacy respect and trust unless you re ooking for something casual in which case treating your SO ike a sex object would work fine A great book that was recommended to me The original version of this book was written back in 1978 and this updated version sti. The New Male Sexuality addresses the most urgent uestions of men today and of the women who ove them bernie zilbergeld reports women who ove them Bernie Zilbergeld reports from his twenty years as a psycholo. Ll feels extremely dated The caricatures of the men he are of these emotionally stunted egotistical creatures who value of the men he paints are of these emotionally stunted creatures who value based almost solely on a woman s approval 40 years ago that may have been true at a stretch For young people in the year 2015 this is High Tide at Midnight largely just nonsenseThere is also a patronising tone throughout the book that if anything goes wrong then it is because the man isn t meeting the woman s needs and he isetting the side down If the man we. Gist specializing in human sexuality as well as those other experts in the field and shares his own and his clients' experiences the result is the most comprehensive guide. ,

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The New Male Sexuality, Revised Edition